Sunday Matinee

Date: May. 1, 2022

Age Group: Adults

The first Sunday of the month is movie time at Alpine Public Library. On May 1 we will show Fantastic Planet. The movie starts at 2 pm. We’ll have free popcorn and air conditioned comfort in the AEP room at the library.

Fantastic Planet (French: La Planète sauvage, Czech: Divoká planeta, lit. “The Wild Planet”) is a 1973 experimental adult animated science fiction film, directed by René Laloux and written by Laloux and Roland Topor.

Fantastic Planet  tells us that if we want to reconcile our differences with our fellow humans, we must first exercise our ability to do so by reconciling our differences with the other creatures inhabiting our planet with us.

Fantastic Planet was awarded the Grand Prix special jury prize at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival, and in 2016, it was ranked the 36th greatest animated movie ever by Rolling Stone.