Campaign for Kids

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A campaign to enlarge the children’s, tweens, and teens’ areas and to provide better public meeting spaces

PHASES 1 and 2

Phase 1 includes the enclosure of the existing partially enclosed outdoor space into the teen space and the new children’ s area to the west side of the existing library. These plans also include an additional 14 parking spaces north
of the library.

Cost: $1,115,281

Phase 2 includes a new entry lobby, a large multipurpose meeting room to accommodate 125 seated, an associated catering kitchen and storage, and additional restrooms.

Cost: $1,176,729


Children’s Area

2,200 gross square feet—new addition

Dedicated children’s area with program area, family restroom, and storage

Teens’ Area

800 gross square feet—enclose existing outdoor area

Separate area that can be acoustically isolated while allowing staff visual sight lines into the space

Study Rooms

490 gross square feet—in existing building

Addition of 3 new study rooms—2 for groups of 4 to 6, and a larger room for 8 to 10


Libraries are centers for learning, discovery, and support for educational and economic activities. They provide large digital and print collections; Internet and technology access; entry to municipal, state, and federal government programs; and destination points for children, tweens, teens, adults, and entrepreneurs. Libraries assist in preventing population loss, attracting business development, and supporting the workforce. A strong public library enhances quality of life, which increases the attractiveness of a community for business and contributes to economic development.

Public libraries also have economic impacts. A January 2017 study by the Bureau of Business Research IC2 Institute at the University of Texas at Austin found that Texas public libraries provided a return on investment of $4.64 for each dollar spent.

The citizens of Alpine obviously see the value of their public library. APL currently
has 5.72 visits per capita, well above the state average of around 4 visits. Around
7,300 persons attend library programs each year. In 2016 visits to the Alpine Public Library totaled nearly 46,000. Programs targeted at children in 2016 totaled 333, with more than 5,000 adults and children in attendance.



The Alpine Public Library connects our diverse and geographically remote communities with informational resources to encourage literacy and promote lifelong learning.


The Alpine Public Library envisions a future in which individuals and families are engaged, lifelong learners.

The Board of Directors and the staff believe thatwe cannot fulfill our mission and realize our vision if we continue to operate in our current space. We must expand significantly to meet the needs of, especially, our younger users.